A little story

About Craneline

Craneline is a new Start-up company founded later 2018 who operates not only a Tour product Platform, but also a community of local tour providers.


we give you the best of us

The best Tour Service

We work beyond a regular Tour Operator, as we take care of your flights & supervise the local tour services on your behalf

  • Book Air Fare Tickets after confirm with you
  • Negotiate you travel schedule with the providers
  • Settle with the providers after your trip

What we good at

Craneline vs. Other platform

  • Craneline
  • Other Platform
CranelineOther Platform
CostTransportation + Local Tour ProductPlatform Service Fee + Tour Operators Profit + Transportation + Local Tour Product
ServiceOne-on-One take Care of your Trip ChecklistYou'll have to deal with Platform, tour operator, local tour guide, Airline companies all by your self
ProtectionFull Tour Fee Refund Guarantee*
10% Instant Money Back* for unsatisfied travel experiences
No Guarantee to get compensations even they promised. Usually takes more than 20 days to get the feedback once complained.
CommunicationLess is more. Even though there is a whole operation team behind each customers, we would not bother you if everything's perfectMay not give you accurate information, every phone call takes years to finish but makes you more anxious
QualityFull disclosure of tour properties, whether it is sponsored by TourStore, Government, etc.Backroom deal among Tour Platform, Tour Operator and Local Tour Providers

What we Do

Our Services

Find new friends right after booking with us

To make the trip more joyful, we operate online groups on social media for you to join anytime after booking with us. Begin make friends today.

Share your happiness with others

#hushtag Craneline, be awarded if your photos get more Likes than others on your trip adventure

Be your friends’ tour advisor

Join our Tour advisor Program, benefit from share the right tour to your friends. With Craneline tour providers’ support, You can even design and launch your own group trip.

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